Stripper Fun!

Stripper Fun!

Here we have Kayla, another stripper from Arizona. This girl has a super nice ass on her and I got a few dances from her. I asked her if she was up for slinging on the pole back at my place, she pretty much laughed it off. But when I told her that I shoot porn she showed some interest. Of course the first question was, how much can I make?  I told her that it was hard to say without knowing how well she performs. I gave her my number and to my surprise she gave me hers and she didn’t fake number me. So a week later Kayla came over to do her test shoot. She hated the interview part because she had a hard time talking in the camera. But when she started sucking cock she never even realized I was filming it. I busted my nut pretty quick, she is that good!

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Sex Scene:

  • Length: 9 minutes
  • Size & Format: 103 MB WMV
  • Size & Format: 72 MB MP4
  • Price: $8.99 USD

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