Shorty goes to work on a big cock!

Shorty goes to work on a big cock!

Daysha is a cute 21 year old “Little Person”, some people call her midget, she honestly can care less. She is proud of who she is and she is very openminded. She says she might be little but she LOVES big cocks. She sees it as a challenge and she told me she has fucked some huge dicks already. Only 21 and ready to explore her sexuality as much as she can. This is Daysha’s first time on video. Just something she wanted to get off her “to-do” list. And I was happy to be part of it. Honestly it was also my first time shooting with a little person, and I have to say, Daysha was a really cool chick. And to top it all off, she was good at what she does, a truly skilled chick in the sack that is for sure. Be sure to watch this clip and you will like her instantly. Hopefully Daysha will call me back one day to “experiment” some more, because she was a lot of fun and we got great video out of it as well. So gear up with your lube and towel, because Shorty is about to blow you! Enjoy!

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Daysha’s Videos are great, it is rare as it is to find a “little person” that is willing to go on video and show off how horny she is. Daysha is a trooper and I hope to run into her again sometimes because I would love to get some more hot videos of her. I hope you all enjoy the videos. Make sure to check out her interview as well, and you will find how likeable this little chick is. Just click on the video links in this post and have some fun with it!

Scene Info:

2 video files
Interview & Audition
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